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Your keys and locks in your home keep you and your family safe and secure, providing you with a peace of mind when you’re out for a grocery or you are sleeping. You use these things on a regular basis, but the question is: will they last for some time?


Locks and keys will not last long without proper care and maintenance. It is very important to take good care of your locks and keys to prevent them from wearing and tearing and keep them in tip-top condition.


Below we have compiled some tips that will allow you to maintain your keys and locks in good condition. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Clean your keys


It’s very important to keep your keys clean at all times. Unlocking a door with a dirty key will only push the debris and dirt inside the lock mechanism, which is bad for your lock. Dirt, dust, and debris can jam up the locking mechanism, which could damage the insides of your lock.


You want to give your keys a wipe down at least once or twice a year to keep it clean and dirt-free. Also, do your best to avoid storing your keys at the bottom of your bag to prevent them from collecting grime and dirt.


Do not force your lock


If you find the lock not turning after inserting the key, try not to force it to turn. Avoid pushing or turning the key too hard as this can break your key as well as bend the metal of the lock. In addition, a bent or damaged key will not perform properly. When the key is stuck or your lock is not working properly or not working completely at all, turn the key as gentle as possible and you should be able to get the key out with little to no damage.


Clean your locks 


Dirt, dust, and other particles can cause multiple problems, especially if these things build up inside your lock. It’s crucial to clean the inside your locks regularly if you want it to perform properly. You can do this by using a compressed air through your lock’s keyhole. If you don’t have a compressed air, you can also unlock the cover with tools and use a brush to clean the insides.


The tips above will allow you to make your lock and keys last longer. All you have to do is to give your keys and locks proper and regular maintenance in order for them to last for many years.




Inside this article we’re going to talk about about the vehicle Immobilizer system. So you will understand what the signs will appear when the immobilizer system malfunction and just how this technology might help safeguard your vehicle. Here we go…

Car immobilizer functions

An Auto immobilizer program is a Fantastic piece of electronic security Technology that’s fundamentally an anti-theft system. Its objective is to prevent a vehicle from being hot wired and stolen by a burglar who does not always have a key to start the engine. Research studies have proven there are 40 percent fewer car thefts since immobilizers were introduced into cars.

If you’ve purchased an automobile that was created within the past 20 Years, then you’ve probably already undergone this tech before understanding it. The auto keys that the traders distribute are now fundamentally key fobs or keys that are smart. That’s the reason why the base of this key contains buttons to lock and unlock the door. If you’ve been given an integral fob, then your secret is not attached to the base. You just need to be within the vehicle with all the keyfob so as to use it.

The interior of the main contains a transponder chip. After you place The key to the ignition, the transponder chip inside the main sends an security code into the auto’s immobilizer. This security code is random every time you start the car as well as your key will be the only source which can generate the correct token to the automobile. If it’s a legitimate key, your engine will start.

Car immobilizer systems

Top 4 Symptoms of Immobilizer Issues

Like anything else that is electronic, an immobilizer system can Malfunction and case a lot of issues for you. Listed here are the most effective 4 hints that you may get to experience whenever there’s a malfunction with your immobilizer procedure.

Inch. Locking Issues — If you use your key to lock the Doors of your vehicle, the doors do not lock. Unfortunately, modern day vehicles have no keyholes on the outside those doors, which means you cannot open them with your key. Without a working smart secret or key fob, the one and only means you’re able to lock your doors would be if you lock them from the inside while the doors have been available and then you close your doors.

2. Un-locking Problems — Reaching from the past Symptom, you probably wont find a way to unlock your doors together with your smart key in case you cannot lock them either. This means in the event that you lock the doors from the inside and close the doors, then you won’t be capable of getting back into your car as your key wont have the ability to unlock the doors. Now, you’d need to call a locksmith to unlock the doorway.

3. Engine Does Not Start — The biggest symptom is that Your vehicle doesn’t start at all. If it weren’t for the issues with the locking mechanisms, then there could be a wide variety of reasons why your engine does not start. But if you go through those issues and possess a motor which does not start, then you definitely have a issue with your immobilizer or perhaps the smart-key it self.

4. Alarm Issues — Since the immobilizer is your main Security quality of one’s automobile, so that the home security wont work either when the immobilizer is faulty. for more information visit

How to Repair Immobilizer Problems

Most immobilizer problems can be fixed by Simply replacing the Smart key or key fob. Often times, whenever someone goes to alter the battery in their primary, they will get rid of the transponder processor or damage it somehow to cause the malfunction. In such situations, you will need to speak to the trader and ask a fresh key. They aren’t economical to replace be ready to fork out two or one hundred dollars to get a new key.

In case the True immobilizer system in the vehicle would be to attribute, Afterward it could be a result of the wires being corroded or damaged. Perhaps the engine Control unit or its sensors are faulty or malfunctioning. These situations Will ask you to visit your merchant and also have their own mechanisms mend the problem.